My name is Princeton and I am 46 years old.  I have cerebral palsy.  Throughout my youth and into my adult life, my mom made decisions for me even though she was not designated as my conservator.  She did what she thought was best for me.  She did not really include me in making decisions for my life but I watched closely as she made the decisions. In watching her make decisions for me over the years I learned how to make decisions for myself.

After she passed away, I went to live with my aunt and started practicing decision-making. My aunt lets me make my own decisions with the support of my family. The more I made my own decisions, the better I got at it.

Now I use the support of my family and make my own decisions. When I have decisions to make, I discuss them with my family and ask questions.  Sometimes I ask for explanations then I make the best decision for me. My family supports me in my decisions.  Having good family support has helped me when making decisions. I believe in having good support from family and others you trust. People who make wise decisions can help someone with a disability to understand their options and make good decisions.

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