I need someone to decide for me

At this level of support, you need help making decisions. In this case, someone may be given the right to make decisions on your behalf in certain areas. When decision-making rights have not been removed, individuals are encouraged to practice supported decision-making. It is important to remember supported decision-making (SDM) applies to all levels of decision-making.

The National Guardianship Association’s position is that individuals still have the right to be involved with decisions that impact their own life. The National Guardianship Association is not the law but it talks about best practices for conservatorships* (called guardianships in other states).

Below are decision-making support documents that are needed when the capacity to make decisions independently does not exists or is limited to specific areas of life such as medical or financial management. For example, an individual may have a conservatorship for medical care but practice supported decision-making in other areas of their life.

Keep in mind, on this site, supported decision-making refers to the idea that a person has the right to make decisions to the full extent of their capacity, even as they get needed support.

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If an adult with a disability cannot make their own decisions, the court can legally assign someone else to make decisions for them.

Representative Payee

A person who manages your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) check.

Health Care Surrogate

Someone else will make decisions for you about your healthcare if you are unable to make them yourself.

ABLE Account

A savings program that you can use to pay for disability-related expenses.

Special Needs Trust

Legal plan with someone you trust to protect the assets and money of a person with a disability.

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